Trans Xpress Line success relies on our commitment to greatness, our experienced drivers, and our high-quality equipment. We keep our drivers happy by providing them with the latest and greatest equipment on the road like Omnitracs and Samsara.

Omnitracs Trucks Management

Omnitracs developed and supplies a superior fleet management system designed for commercial fleets. It’s been Trans Xpress Line’s focus to use fleet management systems like Omnitracs to elevate performance and increase productivity.

Our Truck Management Benefits:

Data Assessment: We examine our data to strengthen our fleet and its operations which allows us to make smarter decisions. Smarter decisions + eliminating past mistakes by examining current data = happier clients.

Delivery: By learning the best routes with Omnitracs GPS fleet solutions, we can ensure on-time delivery.

Safety: The management solutions we use provide us with the data needed to keep cargo, vehicles, and drivers safe at all times.

Transportation Management: Our transportation management solutions give our drivers the tools they need to satisfy our customers and surpass their company goals.

Samsara Trailer Tracking

Robust trailer tracking by Samsara improves our trailer tracking systems, which allows us to serve our customers better:

  • Added trailer utilization
  • Increased efficiency and lower operating cost
  • Geofence alerts that detect theft and unauthorized use
  • Temperature monitoring that ensures product stability
  • Real-time alerts that detect & monitor unauthorized use, cargo unloads & door movement


Trans Xpress Line is dedicated to staying miles ahead of our competition, and that’s why we invest in the very best trucking technology to streamline our delivery and maintain a satisfactory experience for our customers. With the right technology, our company has cut costs, and increased our work safety. We utilize many optimization tools including:

  • Connect Maintenance Software
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Fleet Optimizer
  • Fuel Optimization Software
  • Pre-pass
  • Satellite Tracking

Sustainable Transportation

As a transportation provider, we have a corporate responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. We have partnered with SmartWay Transport to lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution and increase fuel efficiency. We have initiated clean air strategies to honor our commitment to the environment:

  • Late Model Tractors: Lower emissions and maximize fuel efficiency
  • Aerodynamic trailer skirts: Minimize drag and improve airflow
  • Low-viscosity lubricants: Reduce friction & energy losses, lowering wasted fuel
  • Pre-pass: Weigh station bypass technology cuts delays & improves fuel mileage
  • Company-wide recycling programs
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Cut paper waste. Promote a paper-free work environment
  • Automatic tire inflation system: Extend tire life & ensure proper tire pressure to improve productivity
  • APUs