The Very Best In Transportation

Trans Xpress Line is able to provide the experience of your own private fleet without all the added hassle. Our team handles everything from beginning to end so you can focus on your unique business goals.

  • Trucks average 1.5 years old.
  • Trailers average 3 years old.
  • Truck to trailer ratio is 4-1

Private Fleet Conversion

We operate our fleet as if it was yours. With a dedicated group of drivers and cutting-edge tools, you will have everything it takes.

Dedicated Contract Carriage

Reliable one-way services for continual transportation. You receive outbound equipment without needing to load the truck back giving you the flexibility you need.

Why Using Trans Xpress Line Gives You More:

  • Guaranteed, year-round capacity
  • Better driver recruitment and management
  • Controlled spending with long-term transportation solutions
  • Dependable equipment services means a streamlined supply chain